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Draminski Hay and Straw Meter (HMM)

A moisture tester for hay and compressed straw is a modern, digital device which helps to monitor moisture and temperature level of hay and compressed straw.

You need a Hay Moisture Meter to:

  • Facilitate decision making in order to prevent possible losses due to too high humidity.
  • Assess the suitability of straw and hay for long-term storage to avoid fungal growth of the stored material and to limit potential economical losses.
  • Evaluate the quality of the hay to avoid  stomach upset in animals.
  • Obtain bedding with the appropriate dryness level.
  • Avoid hay self-heating and straw self-ignition.
  • Prepare quality cattle and horse feeding material for sale.
draminski twist grain pro

Proudly made in Poland since 1987, Draminski has led the way in the world for designing and manufacturing agricultural devices. Draminski are leaders in manufacturing moisture testing equipment for grain, straw/hay, cereals, maize, grass seeds, oilseeds and much more for the agricultural sector.

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