Grain & Biomass Storage and Drying / Drive Over Drying Floors

Drive Over Drying Floors

The PMR Grain Systems range of wooden and steel lateral drive over drying floors and tunnels are supplied as components and floors are constructed on-site by our experienced installation teams.

Wooden Drive Over Drying Floors

The Welvent range of drive over drying floors and tunnels are supplied as components and constructed on site by our own experienced installation teams, to suit the exact requirements of the building. The floor is made up on a continuous plank basis with overlapping joints for maximum strength and longevity.

The main advantage of the Welvent approach is that any requirements peculiar to the site can easily be accommodated. We combine softwoods with strategically positioned hardwoods, combining the strength character of the hardwoods with the more cost effective softwoods in less exposed areas.

Steel Lateral Drive Over Drying Floors

PMR offer the most heavy duty steel lateral drive over drying floors available in NZ.

Designed to handle the heaviest machinery, without causing damage or buckling and bending that you tend to get with the lighter options available on the NZ market.

Bulk Store Stirrer

The PMR range of Stirrers provides even drying with a complete mix of crop. Linked with a gas burner it achieves high drying output over the bulk store.
  • Sized to suit all building widths
  • On-site installation by PMR Grain Systems skilled engineers
  • Improved airflows
  • Eliminate drying fronts and capping
  • Available for existing stores or new installations

Combing Fans, Burners and Stirrers

By combining fan units and modulating gas burners with the stirrer, drying times are greatly reduced.
  • Reduced risk of crop deterioration through faster drying
  • Drying depths can be increased
  • Quicker drying rates
  • Enables total market flexibility for the crop
  • Lets one store dry several crops in one season

PMR Grain Systems sales team will advise you on the suitability of fans, burners, ventilation laterals and power supply. By utilising your existing equipment and enhancing it with new, we can create a conversion to suit your requirements and budget.

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PMR can assist you with everything from drive over drying floors,
drying spears, driers, fans &heaters, conveying & handling to testing equipment products.
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