Dairy Feed / Fluidisers and Flow Hammers

Fluidisers and Flow Hammers

From Fluidisers to Flowhammers PMR have got a solution for easing the flow of grain, increasing flow efficiency of feed products and lowering the cost of production, while preventing blockages and system outages.

Silo Fluidisers

Fluidisers are used to ease the flow of grain in the silo, bin and hopper.

Specially designed aeration pads pulse jets of air in  which in turn causes the aerator pad to vibrate. This is the most effective way to aerate hard to flow materials which have a tendency to bridge, for example palm kernel or mineral powders.

Everything is controlled via a pre-programmed mini PLC. Designed, supplied and installed by PMR.

Flow Hammers

Flow Hammers promote consistent feed flow without damaging the silo or bin.

Flow Hammers prevent bridging of feed products and promote the flow of feed. This increases flow efficiency and lowers cost of production, while preventing blockages and system outages. 

These Flow Hammers are a non vibrating, low frequency/high impact design, preventing bin damage unlike high frequency devices.

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