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Skiold are your trusted supplier of complete solutions for feed production. Continuously working to improve the quality and safety of feed by using efficient and innovative technologies throughout the process resulting in higher profitability in the entire supply chain.


Skiold provides various proportioning systems, weighing and dosing systems suitable for your animal feed production.

Skiold dosing and proportioning systems are engineered for successful animal feed production. Dosage of the individual ingredients included in the finished feed mixture is of most importance, however, it is a difficult process in feed production.

Knowing beforehand which raw materials the dosing machine is handling and in what quantities, is necessary for optimal success.

In our selection, you will find equipment engineered in high quality based on our unique experience and knowledge on animal feed production. Our research and development department continuously work to ensure that all product from flex augers to dosing units are tailored to meet our customer's specific needs.

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Skiold is a Danish company established in 1877 and leads the way in innovative solutions for seeds, grains, feed and farm technology.

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