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Testing and Monitoring

PMR Grain Systems offer a range of testing and monitoring products for your dairy shed and grain bin requirements. From the Grain Gauge to the Draminski Mastitis Detector. We’ve got you covered.
testing and monitoring

Grain Gauge

The Grain Gauge allows the user to monitor the level of grain in the silo without the need for power. Proudly made in the USA.

Once the material reaches the desired level of the installed Grain Gauge on your bin, the roller portion of the gauge will turn from black to a bright green. The bright green will also glow in the dark at night time. As the material is emptied from your bin and recedes below the Grain Gauge, the roller will automatically change to black.

You can install multiple level monitor devices along the bin wall at key levels. Simply let the gauge do the work for you – no more climbing and risking your safety.

Draminski Mastitis Detector

Portable, handheld device that measures milk sample from 1-4 quarters, allowing the user to accurately detect sub-clinical mastitis before the cow may even show symptoms.

Detect mastitis before any symptoms appear.

Prevention before curing diseases

The Mastitis Detector has been designed for effective, easy and convenient monitoring of cow’s udder health and to minimize financial losses related to milk production. Bear in mind that the cleanliness of the barn environment and milker’s hands is crucial for animal’s health, so pathogens do not spread to the udder and teats. The teats should be disinfected after each milking process.

Maximize your milk production, discover the denefits of using the MD4x4Q2 Mastitis Detector:

testing and monitoring
  • Using an effective method of sub-clinical mastitis detection assures a high quality and quantity of produced milk
  • Maintain a healthy herd and improve the economy of breeding
  • Manage the test results that enable the detection of subclinical (asymptomatic) inflammation
  • Early detection and a quick decision to treat possible illness before costly antibiotic therapy will be needed

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