harvest chc burners
harvest chc burners

Harvest CHC Burners

Adding a Harvest Automatic Constant Humidity Controller (CHC) to your existing crop store you can effectively dry 24 hours a day during any weather conditions.

The CHC system has a proven record of accuracy, efficiency and economy there are thousands of units in use. Its the easiest and surest way of turning bulk storage systems into reliable drying units.

Economical drying rates are achieved because the CHC system gives continuous drying all the time the store fan is running. The CHC is effective on all usual combinable crops.

A large range of models are produced, from 200,000 to 4,000,000 BTU / hr - to suit all types of fans. Each one features purpose - built solid state electronics and plate - type burners ensuring accurate, trouble - free performance.

harvest chc burners


Harvest Installations are crop drying specialists. They have over 30 years experience in providing high quality and cost effective solutions to farmers all over the UK.

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