Introducing the PMR Diesel Heat Exchanger

Something exciting has been happening in the background at PMR. Over the last 12 months the team at PMR, with the help of some specialist engineers, have developed this incredible concept of a new multipass high efficiency, high output 300kw dual stage diesel heat exchanger. Used for drying crops, grains and seeds in silos, drying floors or adapted to any other crop storage/ drying application, PMR’s new diesel heat exchanger utilises a high efficiency design with innovative, multiple passes through heat tubes to ensure all heat/energy is utilised and not lost out the chimney.

 The PMR Heat Exchanger is engineered with heavy duty construction and design to ensure it has quality, reliable and longevity at the highest commercial level. The PMR diesel heat exchanger includes all plenum chambers with removable panels if cleaning is ever required, while the indirect heat ensures no contamination of the products being dried due to the diesel by product being contained within the heat exchanger.

The PMR diesel heat exchanger comes pre-assembled and is easy to transport, meaning it can be widely shipped and installed anywhere in New Zealand.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your grain, crop or seed system, give the friendly team at PMR a call today.

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complete heat exchanger
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