PMR “Magnet Packs”

PMR Magnet Packs (aptly named “Davo’s Magnet Packs”, as our dairy sales & servicing manager, Dave, came up with the idea and got the boys onto the design) created a bit of discussion and we’ve had a lot of interest about them. Let’s discuss this product some more.

The idea of this product came about after we had multiple dairy farming customers come to us about the sudden death of some of their cattle. Upon vet consultation, it was made apparent that the cause of death could have been from indigested metal fragments from supplemented feed. We knew we could design a product to prevent metal fragments entering feed systems to prevent such tragedies occurring, so that is how PMR Magnet Packs came to life.

PMR Magnet Packs are designed to reduce the risk of “hardware disease”. Hardware disease is the common term given for traumatic reticuloperitonitis (TRP) caused by cattle ingesting metal fragments and these fragments perforating the reticulum. Nearly always this results in a painful death for the cow. Cattle are at risk of ingesting these metal fragments when they are given a supplemented feed diet. Palm Kernel Extract (PKE) has notably been reported as the most common product for being the cause of hardware disease, due to the conditions PKE is supplied and exported from.

PMR’s Magnet Packs can be positioned anywhere in the feed line. Most commonly we have been positioning them at the feed head before the feed enters the troughs as positioning them here ensures that the feed is screened immediately before entering the trough, preventing any fragments from being ingested.

Having a preventative measure in place is the only way for the farmer to reduce the risk of hardware disease, that’s why PMR’s Magnet Packs are the ideal addition to your in shed feed system.

The results truly speak for themselves. The photos below are of fragments captured after just one week of the magnet pack in place. So, can you be sure your cows are not ingesting foreign metals?

Give us a call today about a PMR Magnet Pack for your feed system. 03 303 7266