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Robust, reliable and proven, the Wakley Roller mills grain from 4-40% moisture content, Wakely offer a large range of models and sizes.

The Wakely Roller Mill packs a lot of power and punch into a cleverly designed compact and economical machine. It is a light, fast and cost-effective machine, ideal for many different scenarios. All the quality and durability on which Wakely’s reputation is based is there, yet it is priced within the range of individual farmers. The 0130 will improve your feed efficiency and increase weight gain on your farm.

PMR are the South Island distributor and service agents for Wakely Roller Mills.

The PMR service team can provide parts, repairs and annual servicing for your Wakely roller Mill.

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Wakely Engineering is an Irish company founded in 1979, leading the way in the world designing and manufacturing a range of roller mills to serve the farming and biomass industries.

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